Pacific Crest Trail Photo Books Are Here!

Holding our PCT Photo Book

The first shipment of our book Pacific Crest Trail: A Journey in Photographs arrived! We opened the first box, pulled out a book, flipped slowly through the pages, and took a mental trip through the wilderness from Mexico to Canada. We were overjoyed to see our vision for the book realized. Order a beautiful book for yourself here:

We’re hard at work assembling boxes, signing and wrapping books, and printing mailing labels. If you pre-ordered a signed book, it will ship on Monday.  When you receive your book, drop us a comment on the blog and let us know your thoughts.

Our PCT thru hike was an amazing adventure. Creating this book turned out to be an equally challenging and rewarding journey.

A spread from our PCT photo book

Day 125-128: Picturing the Three Sisters Wilderness

In the past four days, we witnessed some of the most beautiful and varied scenery the Pacific Crest Trail has to offer. Below we share the visual story of our journey through the Three Sisters Wilderness, Mt. Washington Wilderness, and Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. Happy viewing!

Day 125: Desane Lake (Mile 1948)-Near Rock Mesa (Mile 1970); 22 miles


Day 61-65: Life in the Sierras


In this post we delve into the details of a single day, to give you a sense of what we experience crossing a pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Day 61: Palisade Creek (Mile 826.5)-Evolution Lake (Mile 844.5); 18 miles

6 AM The phone alarm buzzed. We hit snooze. Birds chirped their good mornings.

6:15 AM The alarm went off again and we woke to find ten lethargic mosquitos in our tent. (The tent zipper was still broken.) We packed our belongings: sleeping bags, pads, tent, food, etc.