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To see our gear lists for each trail, click one of the links below:

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I have been looking for a good trail shoe to use instead of our normal hiking boots. As we get older and have increased the number of hikes and miles each year, our feet get quite sore. We saw your recommendation of the Brooks Cascadia 7 and after trying them on at a local REI, we have each ordered a pair. Can’t wait for them to arrive and give them a go. Thanks for the equipment info and have fun on the Appalachian Trail this year. We followed you last year on the PCT.

    March 13, 2013
    • Good choice! If you find you need more cushioning, you might also try Hoka’s trail running shoes. Some people swear by them.

      We’re really happy to be back out on the trail!

      March 16, 2013
  2. Sweep & Tripp #

    Hey Shutterbug & North Star,

    We met you for the first time just past Sonora Pass last year. Sweep hiked the PCT last year and I(Tripp) angeled and hiked with him portions. We are so excited for you. “Live your dream and enjoy every moment!!”! We are watching your journey!

    Sweep & Tripp(the old folks)

    April 5, 2013

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