Holding our PCT Photo Book

The first shipment of our book Pacific Crest Trail: A Journey in Photographs arrived! We opened the first box, pulled out a book, flipped slowly through the pages, and took a mental trip through the wilderness from Mexico to Canada. We were overjoyed to see our vision for the book realized. Order a beautiful book for yourself here:


We’re hard at work assembling boxes, signing and wrapping books, and printing mailing labels. If you pre-ordered a signed book, it will ship on Monday.  When you receive your book, drop us a comment on the blog and let us know your thoughts.

Our PCT thru hike was an amazing adventure. Creating this book turned out to be an equally challenging and rewarding journey.

A spread from our PCT photo book


  1. A million congratulations to you both for all your hard work in putting together such a beautiful work of art. It will be enjoyed tremendously by all of us!


  2. David and I are excited to get our copy of your book. We loved reading your posts and seeing the beautiful photos during your journey, and can’t wait to see and read even more about your experience.


  3. Congratulations to you both! Who knew when we spoke last March that you’d have a hike and a book in a year. It’s beautiful, a real achievement. I’m so looking forward to your next adventure.

    Love, Aunt Jan


  4. I just received my copy and I’m overwhelmed with joy! I’m planning a PCT thru-hike this year and nothing has made me quite as excited as flipping through the pages of this book.

    The massive amount of effort you have put into this really shows. The book flows very well. It’s well composed and thought out images are very inspiring.


  5. You did it! Congratulations on completing your book. I saw it today at PCTA. I just quickly flipped through it (it’s stunning!) and came home and immediately ordered 2 books – one for us and one for a gift. In May we are going to Madrid to visit a thru hiker we hosted in 2006. I was trying to think of a “host” gift for him (he is hosting my son & fiance) and as soon as I saw your book I knew I had found the perfect gift! We are anxious to get our copy so we can look through the whole book. And thank you for mentioning us in your thank you section. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you at our cabin. Enjoy your new adventures!
    Peggy & Steve


    1. Thanks Peggy and Steve! We’re glad you were able to see the book in person because that’s the only way the full visual experience comes across. Thanks for ordering and supporting our adventures!

      We’re grateful for your generosity during our hike, and very happy we can share the trail with you in a different way through the book. Between your work with PCTA and the help you give to thru hikers, you are stellar trail angels. All the best to you both.


  6. Hi Chris and Anna,
    I got your book yesterday. Amazing! I felt I was back on the trail… Enjoy your adventure on the AT. I’m planning a restart of the PCT April 19. The same day you left on. Perhaps it will bring me good luck.
    Your trail buddy,
    Big Wuss Ted Mason


  7. I got your book and it is spectacular! Chris, you have a special eye for the changes in light at dusk and dawn. I also love the fantastic minimalist nature of the captions which perfectly let the landscapes engross you without necessarily needing to be named. But of course, I also looked for the places I know in Oregon and Washington. Thanks for sharing your journey.


  8. Chris and Anna, we received our book in the mail the other day. It is truly amazing! I felt like I was on a virtual journey, conveyed by the images. Beautiful. Thanks so much.


  9. The book is beautiful! What can I do to get copies of it into bookstores? Do you have any way to get it into California bookstores? Maybe you could get Heyday Books to distribute it — they’re a nonprofit publisher in Berkeley but have their books in many stores as well as their website — very respected, they’ve been in business for over 30 years, and the guy to talk with, editor/publisher/founder and guru, is Malcolm Margolin. Send him a copy along with your phone call: Malcolm Margolin, Heyday Books, PO Box 9145, Berkeley, CA 94709; phone 510-549-3564; email: malcolm@heydaybooks.com .



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