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Day 133-136: Crossing from Oregon into Washington


Day 133: Little Zigzag Canyon (Mile 2109)-Buck Peak (Mile 2132.5); 23.5 miles

During our morning’s walk, we were excited to see a black bear bounding across the hillside above us. It’s amazing how fast and graceful bears can be, given their size and weight. The bear paused briefly to stare at us, then continued running.


We walked through terrain carved deeply by rivers flowing off Mt. Hood. At Sandy River, we crossed a small log bridge with log poles at either end. The bridge featured a string to grab for stability, and a boot stuck on each pole for decorative purposes.

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Day 129-132: Snow Fields to Sand Dunes


Day 129: Near North Cinder Peak (Mile 2025.5)-Near Ruddy Hill (Mile 2049); 23.5 miles

A doe and her fawn visited us early in the morning, snacking on some of the nearby flowers.


In a few miles, we reached Russell Creek. Our map marked this creek as a possible ford. We were surprised to find the creek buried under a few feet of snow. Instead of walking through the water, we walked above it on a snow bridge. A solid snow bridge works as well as a wooden one.

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Day 125-128: Picturing the Three Sisters Wilderness

In the past four days, we witnessed some of the most beautiful and varied scenery the Pacific Crest Trail has to offer. Below we share the visual story of our journey through the Three Sisters Wilderness, Mt. Washington Wilderness, and Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. Happy viewing!

Day 125: Desane Lake (Mile 1948)-Near Rock Mesa (Mile 1970); 22 miles


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Day 121-124: Fire and Rain


Day 121: Near Tipsoo Creek (Mile 1869.5)-Near Timpanogas Lake (Fire detour, off trail); 28 miles

Since it was North Star’s 28th birthday, we decided to walk 28 miles. We began the day on the PCT, but a couple miles in, the trail was closed due to a forest fire. We were prepared and already had the map of the reroute, which initially led us through a forested area.


As the detour continued, it turned off a trail and onto a gravel road.

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Day 116-120: Volcanic Peaks and Craters


Day 116: Near Brown Cabin (Mile 1771)-Below Imagination Peak (Mile 1796.5); 25.5 miles

In our morning’s walk, the Pacific Crest Trail, covered with small red rocks, wound through large grey lava rocks, creating a striking contrast.


Bone Lady caught up with us and we walked together for a few miles. As we hiked, Mt McLaughlin came into view.

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Day 112-115: Life in Southern Oregon


In this post, we describe Day 115 of our Pacific Crest Trail thru hike in detail. We hope our description gives you a glimpse into our everyday lives as we walk through the forests of southern Oregon. But first, here is a brief summary of days 112-114:

Day 112: Near McDonald Peak (Mile 1715)-Ashland (Mile 1727); 12 miles

After 6 hours of walking, we hit a highway where a friendly stranger named Debbie took us to Ashland. So helpful!

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