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  1. Chris – I’m sure you will be takign lots of great pictues. Please include photos of the two of you.

    May you expierence God in all the beauty and splender.

    1. Thank you John! I am going to be taking quite a few photos for sure, and we will include photos of us as well. There is so much to see that one of the challenges will be to edit everything down. We are grateful to be able to spend this time in the wilderness!

  2. Anna and Chris-
    Today the Rockies, tomorrow the Moon!
    We will cheer you on every step of the way!
    Laura and Jack Fisher

  3. This is my first visit to your site…such an amazing adventure! Suzanne put some of your pictures (poodle brush-never heard of it) on the partition by the map. Enjoy!

    1. Cool, glad you like the site, Audrey! I also had never heard of poodle dog bush until recently. It tends to grow in burned areas, which we’ve been walking through a lot these past few days.

      I just saw that you made a donation to our Nature Conservancy page. THANK YOU!!

  4. Hello, Anna and Chris! I am a friend of Wolverine who is thru-hiking the PCT also. He asked me to watch your blog as you are about 2-3 days ahead of him. If you have any tips or thoughts or suggestions that I can pass along to him, please feel free to share!
    I am also Wolverine’s Resupply Co-ordinator, so I send the food and supplies to him along the way. Again, any help you can give on this matter would be awesome!
    Good luck on your trip. I love your pics.–and your bird.
    Walk on!
    martha Rogers

    1. Hi Martha, we have met Wolverine, but only briefly, at the McDonalds. Thanks for the kind words! As for advice, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the water report to make sure we have enough, and walking during the cool early morning hours as much as we can. We recommend Tehachapi instead of Mojave for resupply — the Albertsons is good and there’s an awesome German bakery too.

      We recommend looking at the Food page on our blog to see what we’ve packed in our boxes. You can also look at our posts tagged with “food” to learn more about our choices.

  5. Thank you Anna and Chris for your blog! I am planning to hike PCT next year, so I can see a bit what to expect. Thanks also for your gear list. It is much appreciated! :)

    1. Cheers Anne, we are happy to help. Glad you like the gear list. It took us a while to find a set of gear that works just right for us, but it was great to have things dialed in prior to beginning the PCT. One of our favorite parts was getting rid of gear we realized we didn’t need.

      Have a great hike next year. It’s such an amazing experience!

  6. We met you in the Goat Rocks Wilderness, near Old Snowy Mountain. I’m so jealous that you must have seen the mountain goats just after you passed us! I love your photos and reading about your trip. We’ll be cheering you on as you travel through Washington.

  7. Hi Chris and Anna, It was a pleasure meeting you both today just after the Kendall Katwalk. Good luck on the rest of your epic journey and enjoy the rest of Washington state.

  8. LOVING your blog! I’ve spent about 2 hours this Saturday reading about your journey. My boyfriend and I are thinking about hiking the PCT 2014! Unfortunately, I wear glasses, and I noticed that you both wear them as well. How did you get along with contacts on the trail? Did you use the wet-ones you packed? How did you keep it all sanitary? Did you put them in after a while on the trail?
    Thanks for all your hard work on the blog.

  9. Hello, I’m planning for a trip soon through the Rocky Mountains. I’ve been trying to get everything together and after reviewing your blog/page I was wondering if there is any way I’m able to talk to you personally. My email address is I would love to hear from you soon if possible. I

    1. Hi Jessamyn, please post any questions here on the blog. We like to answer publicly so a wider audience can benefit from the exchange. You can also do a keyword search of the blog in the search box in the righthand column to see if your questions have already been asked in the past. Hope your planning is going well!

  10. Well, I was wondering if you had any suggestions on food and supply we may need. We will mostly be biking our trip. This is the first trip we’re taking and it’d be a great help to get advice from others who have done somewhat of what we’re setting out to do.

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