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Day 137-140: Good Friends, Old and New


Day 137: Snag Creek (Mile 2174.5)-Near Big Huckleberry Mountain (Mile 2197.5); 23 miles

We began the day with a 1500 foot climb, then immediately dropped, losing all the elevation we had just gained. Washington was already showing us its steepness and greenery.


Close to lunchtime, we ran into North Star’s friend Stephen coming towards us on the trail! We had arranged to meet him, but planning on-trail meetings can be challenging. We were excited that it worked out.

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Day 133-136: Crossing from Oregon into Washington


Day 133: Little Zigzag Canyon (Mile 2109)-Buck Peak (Mile 2132.5); 23.5 miles

During our morning’s walk, we were excited to see a black bear bounding across the hillside above us. It’s amazing how fast and graceful bears can be, given their size and weight. The bear paused briefly to stare at us, then continued running.


We walked through terrain carved deeply by rivers flowing off Mt. Hood. At Sandy River, we crossed a small log bridge with log poles at either end. The bridge featured a string to grab for stability, and a boot stuck on each pole for decorative purposes.

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