Day 145-149: Hiking Through Central Washington


Day 145: American Ridge Trail Junction (Mile 2325.5)-Arch Rock Spring (Mile 2350); 24.5 miles

We woke to a cold rain falling on the tent. Bundling up in our hats, gloves, puffy jackets, rain jackets, and rain pants, we began walking.

After a few miles, we came upon a stately bull elk and several female elk grazing in a meadow near Dewey Lake.


Low clouds hung above tree-lined Dewey Lake while mist swirled over the beautifully clear water.

Day 141-144: Mountain Goats, Marmots, and Herons

Day 141: Muddy Fork (Mile 2257.5)-Near Cispus River (Mile 2281); 23.5 miles

A clear sky greeted us as we entered the Goat Rocks Wilderness. We feel lucky to have had such great weather on our Pacific Crest Trail thru hike, especially in typically wet Oregon and Washington.


After several miles in a pine forest, the PCT climbed to Cispus Pass, where we crossed a small patch of snow.