Day 121-124: Fire and Rain


Day 121: Near Tipsoo Creek (Mile 1869.5)-Near Timpanogas Lake (Fire detour, off trail); 28 miles

Since it was North Star’s 28th birthday, we decided to walk 28 miles. We began the day on the PCT, but a couple miles in, the trail was closed due to a forest fire. We were prepared and already had the map of the reroute, which initially led us through a forested area.


As the detour continued, it turned off a trail and onto a gravel road.

Day 116-120: Volcanic Peaks and Craters


Day 116: Near Brown Cabin (Mile 1771)-Below Imagination Peak (Mile 1796.5); 25.5 miles

In our morning’s walk, the Pacific Crest Trail, covered with small red rocks, wound through large grey lava rocks, creating a striking contrast.


Bone Lady caught up with us and we walked together for a few miles. As we hiked, Mt McLaughlin came into view.

Day 112-115: Life in Southern Oregon


In this post, we describe Day 115 of our Pacific Crest Trail thru hike in detail. We hope our description gives you a glimpse into our everyday lives as we walk through the forests of southern Oregon. But first, here is a brief summary of days 112-114:

Day 112: Near McDonald Peak (Mile 1715)-Ashland (Mile 1727); 12 miles

After 6 hours of walking, we hit a highway where a friendly stranger named Debbie took us to Ashland. So helpful!