It’s a very snowy weekend here. We’re sitting inside reflecting on a recent winter experience: cross country skiing! Chris helped code the Home Ranch’s new website and as an extra thank you, they gave us a complimentary two-night stay.

Our favorite part was that we could borrow gear and ski as much as we wanted on their 20 miles of groomed trails. Strangely enough, we’d each cross country skied exactly once before — both many years ago, both in Michigan, and each with an aunt.  Those trips happened so long ago that we had to re-learn everything. It felt like a totally new experience. Trying something for the first time, like kids do, is so much fun! We fell a few times, but smiled a lot.

Here are some photos:


We got to ride on a horse-drawn sleigh too. When the horses started without warning, Anna flew backwards, but luckily she landed right in Chris’s lap. These beautiful creatures were mighty powerful, pulling the sleigh and its 15 passengers swiftly across the snow.

Our last morning at the ranch was glorious and sunny. We already felt more confident in our cross country ski skills compared to our first day.

Cheep Cheep made a friend too!


  1. You bring back wonderful memories of X country skiing in Colorado. Beautiful views & snow that is dry & crisp. I skied today here in Michigan – had to break trail most of it but loved the work out. Glad you enjoyed the adventure.


  2. Dear Anna & Chris: Very cool…was looking for Chris in the picture and then realized that someone had to take the photo (Duh).  I checked out the website as well.  This looks like a really cool place.    Good to hear from you folks again.    Best Regards,   Roger Dittus


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