One my photographs is published in today’s Wall Street Journal:

The photograph also appears in the printed version of the newspaper, on page C9.

My image opens a review of Cheryl Strayed’s new memoir “Wild,” in which she describes her life-changing PCT hike.

I’m so excited to share the beauty of the PCT with a national audience!


  1. I saw the article this morning, and recognized the photo. Love it!
    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read your book. ;)


    1. Thanks Mags! Yes, I have been keeping a list which goes all the way back to when a photo of mine appeared in the Swarthmorean. The circulation of that is a bit smaller though, haha.


  2. Steve and I loved it, too. We framed it and have it in our exercise room with all of our other world travel treasures. Good luck with the hike; we’ll be following along.

    You’re new home looks like a great choice.


  3. It was great to see you two in Indy last month – including the day this photo came out! Big congratulations! A few days later I heard part of an interview with Cheryl Strayed on the Diane Rehm Show – pretty fascinating – including her story of losing one of her hiking boots over the edge, then flinging its now-useless mate after it … and how she carried on after that. You can listen to the whole show here – I think you’ll enjoy it. Have a wonderful walk – I look forward to all your stories and photos.


    1. Thanks so much, Rachel! We are really hoping we don’t lose any shoes. Ha. Thanks for the link, we enjoyed listening. And she’s right about duct tape being the best thing ever invented.


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