Many thanks to our food sponsors, who are providing us with sustenance on our Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike. Please support these companies, because they produce some of the best-tasting, healthiest, and most ethically-produced backpacking foods available.

Simple Squares

Simple Squares are organic, gluten-free snack bars made with 6 simple ingredients. Their herb and spice flavors are unique and very tasty. A number of flavors are available. Try their new Cinnamon Clove bars. We dig them!
Receive 20% off with coupon code: PCT

Outdoor Herbivore makes delicious one-pot dried meals. All their products are vegetarian, low sodium, and almost all ingredients are certified organic, from US farms.

Zing Bars are designed by nutritionists to deliver sustained energy over a long period of time, so they are ideal for hiking. They are also gluten-free and contain many organic ingredients.
Receive 15% off through Oct. 31 2012 with coupon code: Mexico2Canada2012

MacroLife Bars contain fresh, raw, organic, vegan, whole foods. Check out their ingredients list (or their logo!), because these bars are chock full of good stuff. We’ll be enjoying lots of the Fresh Berri-Berri flavor on the PCT!
Receive 20% off with promo code: Radio

NuGo Organic bars have a great crispy texture, are coated in dark chocolate (of course we are into this), and as the name implies are created with organic ingredients. NuGO Organic is also vegan and kosher.

Raw Revolution bars are not just scrumdiddlyumptious, they are raw and packed full of nutrients. Plus, they are gluten, wheat, corn, soy, trans-fat, cholesterol and refined sugar free. Raspberry & Chocolate is our favorite flavor. Yum!

BumbleBars are tasty sesame snack bars which are organic, vegan, gluten free, and ethically sourced. They’re handmade by a small company that focuses on sustainability, keeping those bumbling bees happy.

Chocolate is a must on backpacking trips. Chocolatl kindly provided us with many organic, fair trade chocolate bars for our journey. Yippee!

Many thanks to each of these companies for their support!


  1. Hurray for food! I discovered the Raw Revolutions while hiking Grand Canyon. Super tasty like dessert. I’m looking forward to spice and herb bars. I’ve long wanted some savory energy/meal bars. Ditto, on thanks for sharing the coupon codes! I wonder if they willl still be valid when we get to the States


    1. Hey Julie, I would start by creating a blog, social media presence, or other online community. Then, once you have a bit of a base, contact companies for sponsorship. Focus on companies whose mission and outlook aligns well with yours. Tell them why you are awesome and why they will benefit from sponsoring you. The bigger your audience, the more compelling your proposition will be. Good luck!


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