Day 66-69: Picturing Yosemite and the Ansel Adams Wilderness

This post visually describes four days hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail through Yosemite National Park and the Ansel Adams Wilderness. Feel free to ask questions or let us know which area or photo is your favorite. Enjoy!

Day 66: Silver Pass Creek (Mile 882.5)-South of Deer Creek (Mile 899.5); 17 miles


Hetch Hetchy Loop

As we continue planning for the PCT, long weekend backpacking trips are proving to be a helpful way to test our new lighter weight gear. It’s not a big deal to carry a few extra ounces or pounds for a couple days, but it’s significant if we were to carry that extra weight for 2600 miles. We’re using these long weekend trips to truly figure out what we can and cannot live without. Plus, of course, we’re exploring and having a great time on whatever length trip we take!

This four day trip was a 29 mile loop near Hetchy Hetchy reservoir in Yosemite National Park. Becky, Chris’s sister, joined us for her second ever backpacking trip. We left after work on Wednesday with the intention of camping at the Hetch Hetchy campground. However, within several miles of the campground, an NPS gate blocked the way with a sign stating “Day Use Hours 7am-9pm. Gate locked at night”. Well, that information wasn’t on the map or in the permit! So the first night we camped next to the road.