Farewell San Francisco, Hello Mystery City

We have had a productive and exhausting week. Friday, February 24 was our last day working for US EPA and UC Berkeley. We each had wonderful send-off parties and left feeling supported on our journey.

The moving truck is packed. It all fits!

Over the weekend we finished packing up our apartment, a task which always seems to take longer than expected. Then on Monday we picked up a rental truck and moved all of our possessions into a 5×10 foot storage unit. Luckily, everything fit.

10 Favorite Photos from 2011

It’s been wonderful to see so much beauty and breathe lots of fresh air this past year. Photography can’t capture all of that — there’s no substitute for experiencing it yourself. But I hope some of the loveliness of what we’ve seen comes through in this collection of my favorite images from 2011.

Clicking each photo will take you to a larger version on my flickr site. You can also view all my photos there:


Night Sky in Winter, Tahoe National Forest, California
Night Sky in Winter, Tahoe National Forest, California